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1. A team shall consist of five members. Two guides, a judge and a dog handler will be drawn by the team captain prior to the hunt. The judge will score shots fired and kills. Unrecovered cripples are counted as a miss.

2. Each team will be given one box of 25 shotgun shells which can be divided among team members in any way they wish.

3. Hunting begins at sunrise (official) and ends at 4pm.

4. When the daily bag limit is reached by a team or the 25th shell has been fired, the hunt ends. In case of a tie the victor is decided by the time (as recorded by the judge) the last bird is downed.

5. Bird dogs will be furnished by the Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt, Inc.

6. One Box Pheasant Hunt, Inc. reserves the right to add one member to any team.

November is an unpredictable time of year in Nebraska. Be sure to pack both hot and cold weather clothing; a water-resistant jacket, shoes with good traction, long pants such as jeans, long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts. The hunting areas are open fields and usually have lots of long grass and some brush. Dressing accordingly is highly recommended.

When hunting with companions, it is imperative to be alert, so get plenty of rest on the night before the hunt. Always know the locations all of your teammates, guides and dogs before taking a shot.

Bring the Family!
There are many historic locations, museums, parks, recreational opportunities and shops located in Custer County. The citizens are friendly and the air is clear. It's a great chance whole family to unwind.