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Habitat Projects

The Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt started its habitat program in 2003. From its humble beginning with 20 acres of shredding, disking, and seeding, it has become an active part of the Nebraska One Box mission.

Since the beginning the habitat committee has been involved in establishing over 3000 acres of habitat restoration in Custer County and surrounding Counties. In 2009, the One Box habitat committee completed projects on 18 different plans disking 200 acres of public land on Pressey Park, planting 50 acres of nesting habitat, and drilling 185 acres of habitat on private land.

In cooperation with Nebraska Game and Parks as well as Pheasants Forever, our joint project of “Focus on Pheasants” has lead to many hunting acres available to future generations in Nebraska. This is a unique partnership created between two community-based organizations and a state agency.

Nebraska One Box also drilled 102 acres of habitat with the Natural Resource District. Seed was purchased by the land owner and drilled by One Box. This service was then cost-shared by the NRCS leaving the landowner with little out-of-pocket expense.

The Habitat Committee is part of the Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt and therefore is a not-for-profit organization. Any donations received for habitat go directly toward habitat projects ensuring future generations of hunting and outdoor enthusiasts many years of enjoyment.

If you would like to donate, enroll as a landowner, or participate in this worthwhile program, please contact the Habit Committee Chairman on the contact us page.