Golden Pheasant Award
The Golden Pheasant Award is presented by the Past Shooter Organization to any Past Shooter or individual in the community whose efforts have made significant contributions to the perpetuation and success of the One Box Pheasant Hunt. The Golden Pheasant Selection Committee consists of the Past President, Vice President and the Executive Secretary and approved by the One Box Board of Directors. Recipients have exhibited many years of loyalty and devotion to the overall success of the One Box Hunt as landowners, guide, host, and help with the registration process. More criteria >>
Year Recipient
1998 Elaine Bayer and Ruth Burdick
1999 Nancy Lyne
2000 Dave Stunkel
2001 Broken Bow Volunteer Fire Department
2002 Dick Phillips
2003 Mike Holcomb
2004 Scot Holcomb
2005 Myron and Bev Reynolds
2006 Gwen Stithem and Mildred Beavers
2007 Bob Lindly
2008 Jerry Robertson
2009 Louie Stithem
2010 Russ Arnold
2011 Matt Thomas
2012 Lynn Berggren
2013 Don Cantrell
2014 Jim Duncan
2015 Bob Allen
2016 Pat Berggren
2017 Les LaFon
Hall of Fame
The honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame is presented to a member of the community who has made a significant contribution to the success of the Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt, or anyone who has been a past shooter for at least five years and has demonstrated good sportsmanship through his participation in the One Box Pheasant Hunt. More criteria >>
Year Recipients
1999 Lloyd Ruff
Bob Gaylord
Jim Peister
Anthony Palmieri
Bill Arnold
Willard Keller
Frank Massey
2000 Scott Anderson
L.D. Compton
Jim Burdick
Dick Towns
B.T. McManus
Howard Skidmore
Louie Stithem
2001 Earl Coleman
Arley Griffith
Matt Lyne
Alton Coulter
Vaughn Lyne
2002 Butch Brunken
2003 Don Rogert
2004 Dick Phillips
Elaine Bayer
2006 Carl Norden
Bill Peters
2008 Bob Allen
2012 Jerry Robertson
2013 Bill Adkins
2015 Pat Keslar
Outstanding Past Shooters
Year Recipients
1969 Lew Moon
1970 Chuck Hamilton
1971 Bob Gaylord
1972 Frank Massey
1973 Bill Moon
1974 Dwaine Pollard
1975 Ray Page
1976 Jim Burdick
1977 Governor J.J. Exon
1978 Frank Munsinger
1979 Dick Towns
1980 Earl Coleman
1981 Bill Peters
1982 Jack Dennis
1983 Louie Stithem
1984 Howard Keith
1985 Terry Wiens
1986 Gary Washburn
1987 Alton Coulter
1988 T.T. Varney III
1989 Don Rogert
1990 Scott Anderson
1991 L.C. Ruff
1992 Don Perkovich
1993 Jim Peister
1994 Matt Lyne
1995 Butch Brunken
1996 Bill Arnold
1997 Dick Phillips
1998 Gene Wright
1999 Mike Bell & Butch Smith
2000 Carl Norden
2001 Bob Allen
2002 Arley Griffith
2003 Kent Coen
2004 Tim O’Connor
2005 Bill Zutavern
2006 R.C. “Mac” McMeen
2007 Jim Duncan
Dave Stunkel
2008 Matt Varney
Gary Henning
2009 Willard Keller
2010 Russ Arnold
2011 Dick Grey
2012 Pat Keslar
2013 Nick Newens
2014 Dean Weems
2015 Jeff Evans
2016 Bruce Bartak
2017 Dann Smith